Excellent window installation and replacement, good follow-thru on commitments, fair pricing.

Working with Lester and JLP Windows and Painting was a pleasure. I appreciated their timely and professional...

JLP replaced the master bedroom windows the Spring before Hurricane Ike.
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Hydro M-1100 Sliding Glass Patio Doors combine beauty and security with the long-lasting durability and strength of aluminum. These attractive, low maintenance doors bring a fresh, new look to any residential application.

They Hyrdro M-1100 is the ideal door-way to decks, patios, and walkways. Its slim profile enhances both traditional and contemporary building design. the large glass panels provide unobstructed views and are fully reversible for right or left hand operation.

the panels incorporate insulating glass to help keep heat in during winter and out during summer, and to reduce condensation formation. the thermal break built into the frame increases the M-1100's thermal properties even further.

Compared to wood or vinyl doors, Hydro M-1100 aluminum doors offer distinct advantages. Aluminum has a longer lifespan and won't crack or corrode. M-1100 doors are low maintenance and don't require periodic painting or refinishing. they also maintain their dimensional integrity, because aluminum does not absorb moisture.

The M-100's standard baked enamel finishes are weather resistant and meet AAMA 2603 specifications. they are available in bronze, sandstone, and white. Custom colors and sizes are also available.

Temper-Resistant Pulls

One year warranty on all parts. Optional finish warranties available

Versi-Panel doors are completely reversible during installation. Doors can be easily configured for left- or right-hand operation. Choice of two-, three-, or four-panel (non-reversible) models in a range of standard sizes (custom sizes available).


  • Heavy-duty aluminum screens finished to match
  • Fiberglass mesh screens
  • Transom
  • H-Mull
  • Frame depth options: 3-3/4", 5" or 6" (with drywall return)
  • Key Locks
  • Can be used with M-1200 storm doors for sound reduction and thermal improvement

The Beauty of Recycled Aluminum

    Hydro M-1100 Patio Doors are constructed of aluminum that contains a high recycled metal content. Remelting recycled aluminum requires only 5% of the energy need to produce primary aluminum, and all of the metal's properties are retained. At the end of their useful life, the doors can be recycled once again.

    The M-1100 Series is manufactured with a firm commitment to the belief that our products should benefit the everyday lives of our customers, contribute to our communities, and protect our environment.

    We place a strong emphasis on innovation in the design and manufacture of our products. By balancing efficiency with continuous innovation and new technology, we bring our customers outstanding products and incomparable value.

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